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Old Courthouse Museum
103 West Cherry Street
Watseka, IL 60970-1524

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Membership in the society
The Membership Year is the Calendar Year.
Back Issues of The Stalker (for each issue)$3.00
Scotland - Scottish Clans and Castles
by Loarn Robertson
March 14, 2020

Work will commence AFTER your fee has been received
Research for $2.50
Reading Microfilm
Research for $5.00 $5.00

Copies of materials are billed at 25¢ per page.$0.25
Microfilm - Copies of documents on microfilm are billed
at 50¢ per page.
Color - Copies of materials are billed
at $1.00 per page.
Copies for $2.00 $2.00

mailed or E-mailed
E-mailed pages -For each page of material$3.00
Marriage Applications from ICGS library
Death and Birth Records from ICGS library
Land Records - includes look up per page
Marriage, Death and Birth Certificates from County Clerk

$1.00 Postage$1.00
$2.00 Postage$2.00
$3.00 Postage$3.00
$4.00 Postage$4.00
$5.00 Postage$5.00

$1.00 Donation$1.00
$5.00 Donation$5.00
$10.00 Donation$10.00

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