Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

I have a picture of the "Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church" that was in my dads' belongings when he died. My dad was born on 1 Jan 1928 and he appears to be either 2 or 3 in the picture. I know that he was born near Chebanse so I'm guessing the church was somewhere around there. The original print is about 24" x 16".

I'm trying to get a date for the picture and a location for the church. My Dad was born on 1/1/1928. From the fact that he's being held (and looks pretty large) I'm guessing that he's 2 or 3 in the picture. I think if he was older he would have been standing with the other kids.

Jim Winterroth

Zion Church

Full Sized Photo of the Church
After picture loads be sure to make it full size. 24 inches by 16 inches.

Back row: There are two men with check marks next to their right shoulder, there are about below the 2nd and 3rd windows
from the front of the church. The one to the left (below the 3rd window) is Walter Winterroth, the one on the right is Glenn
Schultz (has a stripped tie on). The lady directly in front of Walter Winterroth is Vertie Schultz (married to Glenn) She has
a dark dress with a light colored ruffle hanging down and a light colored hat. Tall man in the back row, about two people to
the right of Glenn, who has glasses on and is holding a baby is Fred Winterroth. I don't know the child's name. Next to last
man on right, standing behind the word "church", I believe is Ray Speckman.

Front row: 2nd seated man from the left end with a striped tie and glasses is George Winterroth. 2nd row from the front,
about middle of the picture, there is a woman in black with a black hat holding a blurred baby, there is also a check by
her shoulder. That is Lilian Winterroth (wife of Walter) holding Del Winterroth (my dad).