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A Biladeau Family Photo

    I ran across the pictures on the Iroquois County website. I just recently had an old
photo scanned of my great-great grandparents and 5 children. I assume the picture is from
 around 1900.  I can identify 4 of the 7 persons. I was hoping someone could ID the other
3 of their children.

Standing in back left to right-
Hattie Lucia Biladeau, 1876-1960 (dau of Louis & Matilda)
Sitting in front left to right-
Louis Biladeau, 1843-1934
George Biladeau, 1882-1943 (son of Louis & Matilda)
Matilda Marcotte Biladeau, 1853-1916

I am assuming the 3 unidentified are Louis & Matilda's 3 other daughters-
Rosa Biladeau Poskin, 1872-1941 (married Amos Poskin)
Jane Biladeau Marcotte, 1885-1967 (married Eugene Marcotte)
Mrs. Henry Martin (first name/dates unknown)

There was another son, William Winfred, born 1888 not appearing.
May have died in infancy.

Most of the family lived in Ashkum/Chebanse/Clifton area. It's such a wonderful picture,
I thought I'd share and maybe get some ID from someone who might remember them in the family.

Bill Korstick
Los Angeles,

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