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Pictured is son Ferdinand Reneau (never married) Euphemie (Mailloux) Renaud/Reneau/Reno, and my grandfather, Callaxta Clifford Reno. Taken 1880, home is 4 miles west of Papineau, Iroquois County, IL.

Family home of Joseph-Ferdinand Renaud and Euphemie (Mailloux) Renaud/Reno from about 1860 to 1880 when they built this house, they and their children lived in a log cabin, which was situated about 105 feet East of this structure. Joseph-Ferdinand Renaud and Euphemie (Mailloux) Renaud/Reneau/Reno were found in Bourbonnais, Kankakee County Illinois in 1855. They were married at Saint-Cyprien, Catholic Church, Napierville County, Providence of Quebec, Canada, January 21, 1845. Euphemie was the widow of Joseph (Laure) Lord, whom she had one son with, also named Joseph (Laure) Lord.

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