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Greeting Card
Holiday Greeting Card

Holiday Greeting Card from Weldon Schuette to Dr. Wiley of Paxton, Il. Dr. Wiley practiced medicine in Ford County during at least the last two decades of the 1800's to the early 1900's, maybe longer.

Mr. Schuette designed and created this card. The picture is described as "Winter Scene, Loda, Illinois" and is inscribed with the initials "w.s." It looks to be pen and ink. All ink Mr. Schuette used was permanent, although it has the look of watercolor and ink.

The inside of the card, simply decorated, reads, "With best wishes for the Holiday Season" and is signed, "Weldon Schuette"

Added July 2001

This photo is from Gale Carter

Card Front
Card Front

Card Back
Card Back

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