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Here we have a collection of pictures from the Merkle School.

From The Iroquois County Genealogical Society Collection

District #6 and #84 - The Merkle School
 This book and its contents are in the Genealogy library. The
information and pictures in it are priceless. There is no date on the
book to give an idea of when it was written. From internal evidence in
the Teacher biographies, most of this was compiled in 1921-22.
 The country around our school used to be all prairies. Before this
school was organized some children went to the Beland School, which is
two miles east of here, and some went to the Danforth School.
 One of the first settlers around here was Mr. Chris Merkle. He lived
here a few years and then purchased the forty acres on which the
schoolhouse is located, this being in 1867. The next year, 1868, Mr.
Merkle gave a half-acre of land to the school district, which was soon
organized. Mrs. Merkle was also influential in forming the district.
 The school was opened under Miss Libbie Haden as teacher and Mr. Davis,
Mr. Webster, and Mr. Merkle, Sr. as directors.
 The schoolroom was about two thirds as large as it is now but there
were about sixty pupils enrolled while at present there is an enrollment
of twelve.
The list of Merkle School Teachers - 1868-1869
Mr. H.P. Aye
terms 1890 - 92
Merkle School
Taken 1893
Mr. A.C. Harwood
terms 1894 - 96
Miss Amanda V. Kidd
terms 1897-99
Mr. G.H. Yonkman
term 1899 - 1900
Miss Kate Barber
terms 1900 - 02
Class of 1903Miss Lutie George
term 1902 - 03
Class of 1910Margaret Dolan
terms 1910 - 12
Class of 1911Merkle School Dist.
taken 1914
Sarah Nichols
term 1914 - 15
Merkle School
taken 1916
Clarence Bensema
terms 1914-18
Class of 1916
Mr. and Mrs. Chris
Merkle Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Benjamin
formerly Miss Rose Cloke
Class of 1921Mr. and Mrs. George
Class of 1922Ivadell Johnson
1922 - 24
Class of 19251925
Class of 19261926Class of 1928
with names
Class of 1928

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