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Watseka School


Watseka High School 1909

This photo is from the Lucy Green Collection

Watseka Varsity football team

Football Team

Here's a picture of the Watseka Varsity football team, taken in the mid 1930s. I can only identify 2 or 3 of the persons.......maybe you know someone who could tell you who the rest are. I believe Arthur Brady is in the front row, second from the right. I believe #1 in the front row is "Fritz" Wingert, and #21 in the front row is Lawrence Barragree.

This photo is from the Larry and Rose Barragree

Watseka School Photo

group photo

The attached photo is of a class in a school in Watseka.
My father, Howard Storm Browne, is indicated by an arrow in the top row.

His father, Robert W. and family came from Madison Co, Indiana. His brothers were Dr William S and Garrett (bios in your bio section), George, Owen, Lorenzo Demetrius. I have a photo of them all together.

Robert W., my grandfather, took his family first to Logan County, then Kay County, Indian Territory in 1904.

My father was born in 1886. From his appearance I would guess that picture was taken in 1898 or 1899. He graduated from Watseka HS before they left. I think they lived in or near Belmont. Grandfather was a farmer.

I have a family website

If you do such things I wish you would give it as a link and mention my name in connection with this photo. I call it casting my bread upon the waters or chumming for cousins to use another fishing cliché.

Thank you,

Howard Storm Browne, Jr., MD
Williamsburg, VA